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The Monash Faculty of Law in conjunction with the Monash Law Students’ Society is proud to introduce an exciting new initiative. The Academic Peer Tutoring Program seeks to provide personalised private tutoring for all compulsory and quasi-compulsory law subjects to interested students, with a particular emphasis on providing support for students from low social economic status backgrounds.

APT is an effective way for students to connect with other students offering private tutoring for specific law units. Students interested in arranging personalised, one-on-one law tutoring can search the database below to find an appropriate Peer Tutor. Students may then contact the Peer Tutor to arrange tutoring sessions. To ensure the quality of Peer Tutors, each tutor listed on this database has been individually selected by the Monash Faculty of Law and the Monash Law Students’ Society according to a rigorous selection criteria.

If you are interested in being listed on the database as an Academic Peer Tutor, please have a read through the online information sheet.