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Key tips:

  • Key tips: 'Further reading' is recommended (but not essential) - so only pay attention to the 'Prescribed' texts

  • If you are purchasing second hand textbooks, be sure to check the edition number.

  • If you are unsure which textbooks you will need, you can always wait until your first seminar as lecturers will usually talk about the textbook(s) needed for the unit.

Law Library, Clayton Campus

The Monash Law Library is located at 15 Ancora Imparo Way, Monash University, Clayton (near the Menzies Building and the Learning and Teaching Building (LTB)). You are able to use your student card to borrow textbooks, and also speak with library staff if you need any assistance and support with your law studies.


Online Law Library

The Monash Law Library obtains at least one copy of the ebook for every new printed textbook they have, and access to the ebook is free. Thus, where a book is brand new and you are unable to buy a hard copy second-hand, you can access it online via the Monash Law Library. To access online textbooks and other helpful information for your studies including research and writing advice and unit resources, visit: here and go to 'Law eTexts' under 'Quick find'. Other places to find textbook information include Monash Law Facebook group, StudentVIP, Moodle, Monash Bookstore Clayton Campus or First Year students can contact their LSS Peer Mentor via the Peer Mentoring Moodle page

Accessing Law Textbooks

Accessing Textbooks Guide
Image Descriptions
Image Description.png

Image Descriptions

Image descriptions are simply detailed descriptions of a given image that conveys the same or equivalent information a sighted reader would get when they view a picture, to someone living with a visual impairment. To ensure the Monash Law Students Society is a more accessible space for all, the LSS has introduced image descriptions to all posts and publications.


In order to provide guidance and clarity as to when an image description is required, the amount of detail to be provided and language to be used, this Image Descriptions Guide has been developed. For a brief overview of image descriptions, please refer to the LSS ‘How To’ Guide.

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