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President's Welcome 2024

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the official website of the Monash Law Students’ Society, where you can find information about all the work we do to support the needs and interests of Monash Law students alongside and throughout their studies. 

The Monash LSS is the largest law students’ society in Australia, and one of the largest voluntary student organisations in the country. We are proud to have almost 4,000 members this year, and provide for them a vast variety of services, information and events as they undertake their degrees. 

The LSS has activities and initiatives that suit any kind of interest, with five portfolios that focus on five aspects of student experience: Activities, Careers, Competitions, Education and Social Justice and Equity. We hope that you will find something that piques your interest, and encourage you to be brave and put yourself forward for all the opportunities that come your way! 

Our primary goal is to create an environment that fosters learning not just in the classroom, but also personal growth and development. Through a vibrant and diverse community with a longstanding commitment to student advocacy, we hope that every Monash Law student feels that they are supported by the LSS, and has avenues for assistance whenever they need. 

Get to know our passionate and hard-working committee at events this year, or pop into our offices at both Clayton and Chambers to say hi! If you have any specific questions, you can also contact us here

Please feel free to explore our website, and we look forward to getting to know you soon! 

Natasha Tian
2024 President
Monash Law Students’ Society 


President's Welcome

Law Students' Society Constitution & By-Laws

Sexual Harassment Mission Statement

Throughout the 2020/2021 term, a ‘Sexual Harassment Working Group’ was formed by the VicLSS. This group was made up of representatives from each LSS/LSA. The Monash LSS is proud to be a member of this organisation. Together, we created a space in which the issue of inappropriate sexual behaviour in the legal sector could be discussed and initiatives to address this issue could be created.

As a collective, we have released the attached mission statement as the first step in our ongoing commitment to actively work to address the issue of sexual harassment within our student cohorts, at our universities, and in our profession.

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