President's Welcome 2021

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Monash Law Students’ Society (‘LSS’). Here you will find information about all the wonderful work we do to serve the needs and interests of all Monash Law students.


The LSS is one of the largest voluntary student organisations in Australia. We are a key provider of services, information and events for almost 4,000 students completing their law degree at Monash.


2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year. In 2021, we will be committed to re-cultivating a social atmosphere and will endeavour to facilitate student advocacy as much as possible.


We have several dedicated portfolios geared towards supporting students in different ways. These include activities, careers, competitions, education and social justice. We encourage you to get involved in our various initiatives, as we very much enjoy seeing both new and familiar faces.


Get to know our passionate committee at our various events throughout the year, in our LLB Office (located on the ground floor of the Law Building) or our Postgraduate Office (located on level 1 of Chambers). We are always happy to have a chat or answer any questions you may have.


Normally, the LLB Office is open every day from Monday to Thursday from 10am to 3pm and the Postgraduate Office is open every day from Monday to Thursday from 12pm to 1pm and 4pm to 5pm. Alternatively, during Covid-19, we will be contactable via Facebook Messenger or via email.


I invite you to explore the website and learn more about our exciting plans for the year ahead!


Claire Tucker-Morrison

2021 President

Monash Law Students’ Society


Law Students' Society Constitution & By-Laws


Our Executive

Claire Tucker-Morrisson, President

Email - President@monashlss.com

Lovedeep Sohi, JD Director

Email - JD.director@monashlss.com

Daniel Gates, Secretary

Email - Secretary@monashlss.com

Alison Kemp, Treasurer

Email - Treasurer@monashlss.com

Skylar Miao, Activities Director 

Email - Activities@monashlss.com

Shannon Hubert, JD Activities Director

Email - JD.activities@monashlss.com

Eddie Chen, Competitions Director

Email - Competitions@monashlss.com

Ariana Saropoulou, JD Competitions Director

Email - JD.competitions@monashlss.com

Alicia Wise, Careers Director

Email - Careers@monashlss.com

Erin Grierson, JD Careers Director

Email - Careers@monashlss.com

Sarah Mason, Social Justice & Equity Director

Email - Equity@monashlss.com

Natalia Zivcic, JD Education & Equity Director 

Email - JD.educationequity@monashlss.com

Megan Liew, Education Director

Email - Education@monashlss.com

Administration Portfolio

Catrina Yao, Assistant Treasurer 

Email - Assistanttreasurer@monashlss.com

Cara Cross, Marketing Officer

Email - Marketing@monashlss.com

Ruby Wensor, Social Media

Email - Socialmedia@monashlss.com

Jarryd Shaw, Assistant Treasurer 

Email - Assistanttreasurer@monashlss.com

Andrea Franco, Sponsorship Officer

Email - Sponsorship@monashlss.com

Lachy McNeary, IT Officer

Email - IT@monashlss.com

Activities Portfolio

Caitlin Kalaja, Functions Officer

Email - Functions@monashlss.com

Sean Hanna, Activities Coordinator

Email - Bbqs@monashlss.com

Sam Ponsford, First Year Officer

Email - Firstyearofficers@monashlss.com

Delina Pham, Functions Officer 

Email - Functions@monashlss.com

Lena Lay, Activities Coordiantor

Email - Bbqs@monashlss.com

Ashley Lee, First Year Officer

Email - Firstyearofficers@monashlss.com

Natalie Adler, Peer Mentor Coordinator

Email - Peermentor@monashlss.com

Careers Portfolio

Aimee Morcos, Careers Officer

Email - Careersofficer@monashlss.com

Christian Santoro, Careers Officer

Email - Careersofficer@monashlss.com

Linda Le, Careers Officer

Email - Careersofficer@monashlss.com

Olivia Cash, Careers Officer

Email - Careersofficer@monashlss.com

Ben Sharpero, Careers Officer

Email - Careersofficer@monashlss.com

Amogh Kadhe, Careers Officer

Email - Careersofficer@monashlss.com

Mili Simonovich, Publications Officer

Email - Clerkshipguide@monashlss.com

Ava Dullard, Publications Officer

Email - Clerkshipguide@monashlss.com

Competitions Portfolio

Anthony Tchakerian, Judge Liason

Email - Judges@monashlss.com

Priscilla Zhong, Competitions Officer 

Email - Compsofficers@monashlss.com

Kiara Shivaz, Competitions Officer 

Email - Compsofficers@monashlss.com

Tristan Hocking-Brown, Competitions Officer 

Email - Compsofficers@monashlss.com

Fiana Ly, Competitions Officer 

Email - Compsofficers@monashlss.com

Wen Wong, Competitions Officer 

Email - Compsofficers@monashlss.com

Education Portfolio

Anthea Diagiaris, Tutorials Officer

Email - Tutorials@monashlss.com

Amelia Preuss, Academic Support Officer

Email - Academicsupport@monashlss.com

Elizabeth Walker, Publications Officer

Email - Educationpublications@monashlss.com

Catherine Li, International Student Officer

Email - Interofficer@monashlss.com

Nathan Cheng, Street Law Coordinator 

Email - Streetlaw@monashlss.com

Natalie Barbazza, Health & Wellbeing Officer

Email - Wellbeing@monashlss.com

 Social Justice & Equity Portfolio

Laeticia Garrett, Equity Officer

Email - Equityofficer@monashlss.com

Issy Burton, Women's Officer

Email - Womensofficer@monashlss.com

Ambra Soci, Queer Officer

Email - Queerofficer@monashlss.com

Amelia Grossi, Just Leadership Coordinator

Email - Justleadership@monashlss.com

Toby Nelson, Publications Officer

Email - Equitypublications@monashlss.com

Ellia Hearnes, Just Leadership Coordinator

Email - Justleadership@monashlss.com

JD Admin & Activities Portfolio

Sophie Buckland, Marketing & Social Media

Email - JD.Marketing@monashlss.com

Najat Ibrahim, Sponsorship & Liaison

Email - Sponsorship@monashlss.com

Niamh Hopkins-Lichtman, Functions Officer

Email - JD.Functions@monashlss.com

Deandra Silvalobo, Functions Officer

Email - JD.Functions@monashlss.com

Alessia Di Paolo, Peer Mentor Coordinator

Email - JD.Mentoring@monashlss.com

 JD Education & Equity Portfolio

Alisa Gattini, Publications Officer

Email - JD.Publications@monashlss.com

Hillary Pammer-Green, Tutorials Officer

Email - JD.Tutorials@monashlss.com

Yerusalem Azage, Equity & Wellbeing Officer

Email - JD.Wellbeingequity@monashlss.com

Evan Lianos, Academic Advocacy

Email - JD.Academicadvocacy@monashlss.com

 JD Competitions Portfolio

Zac Lucic, Judge Liaison

Email - JD.Judges@monashlss.com

Ananya Batra Mahajan, Competitions Officer

Email - JD.Compsofficers@monashlss.com

Jennilyn Yu, Competitions Officer

Email - JD.Compsofficers@monashlss.com