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President's Welcome 2023

Hi everyone!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Monash Law Students’ Society (‘LSS’). Here you will find information about all the wonderful work we do to serve the needs and interests of all Monash Law students.


The LSS is one of the largest voluntary student organisations in Australia. We are a key provider of services, information and events for almost 4,000 students undertaking their law degree at Monash.


In light of some exceptionally challenging years, we were able to continue providing many hallmarks of the LSS, both in person where possible and online where necessary. In 2023, we will be committed to re-cultivating a social atmosphere, facilitating student advocacy and providing our members with more wonderful opportunities.


We have several dedicated portfolios geared towards supporting students in different ways. These include activities, careers, competitions, education and social justice. We encourage you to get involved in our various initiatives, as we very much enjoy seeing both new and familiar faces.


Get to know our passionate committee at our various events throughout the year, in our LLB Office or Postgraduate Office. We are always happy to have a chat or answer any questions you may have. Our contact details and addresses can be found here.


I invite you to explore the website and learn more about our exciting plans for the year ahead!


Priscilla Zhong

2023 President

Monash Law Students’ Society

President's Welcome

Law Students' Society Constitution & By-Laws

Sexual Harassment Mission Statement

Throughout the 2020/2021 term, a ‘Sexual Harassment Working Group’ was formed by the VicLSS. This group was made up of representatives from each LSS/LSA. The Monash LSS is proud to be a member of this organisation. Together, we created a space in which the issue of inappropriate sexual behaviour in the legal sector could be discussed and initiatives to address this issue could be created.

As a collective, we have released the attached mission statement as the first step in our ongoing commitment to actively work to address the issue of sexual harassment within our student cohorts, at our universities, and in our profession.

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