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BIPOC+ Initiatives


The LSS BIPOC Portfolio seeks to bring together law students from all faiths and backgrounds, celebrating our commitment to increasing representation in the legal industry. We endeavour to create spaces where law students feel welcomed, safe and accepted in the LSS community. We also strongly encourage allies to participate in BIPOC events as much as possible in order to strengthen your professional and interpersonal skills.


We have an array of new ally friendly events planned to not only highlight the diversity of law students at Monash, but to also meet like-minded individuals, network with a range of BIPOC legal professionals in the industry, and build a sense of community where they feel they can be accepted and belong. 


In 2022, Ashika Mapa is the LLB BIPOC+ Officer and Simerjeet Kaur is the JD BIPOC officer. If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Ashika at and Simer at


We look forward to meeting and having fun with all of you at all the events we have planned for the year ahead!

BIPOC+ Bar Night – Thursday 24 March


Law school can often be a very lonely and intimidating place, and these trepidations are heightened as a BIPOC individual. With diversity lacking in most firm environments, this ally friendly event will allow students to connect with other people in similar positions to them and form long term friendships by acting as a forum to connect law students from all faiths and backgrounds. We hope that students from all backgrounds will convene and form new and meaningful connections that will extend beyond their degrees. 


BIPOC + in the Law Panel and Networking Night – Thursday 19 May


The BIPOC panel provides students with the opportunity to socialise with law students and a select panel of legal professionals who will be able to share their wisdom in navigating the legal industry as a BIPOC individual. It is our aim that this event raises awareness on the unique challenges experienced by BIPOC students which will enable them to feel a sense of belonging and enables allies to form a holistic understanding of what it means to be a BIPOC individual in the law. 

Cultural Diversity Breakfast – Thursday 1 September


This event will facilitate conversations around, and bring to light the unique challenges and experiences faced by BIPOC Individuals in the law. Thereby acting as a forum for students to pose pre-submitted questions to the experienced panellists and network with firm representatives, as well as being a celebration of diversity and highlighting its necessity in the workplace.

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