The Monash LSS Careers Portfolio is a combined LLB and JD portfolio that aims to provide both LLB and JD students (of all year levels) with a wide selection of high-calibre and informative events, with a view to introducing them to areas of employment and cultivating their professional networks. We work together with law firms and other organisations to run a plethora of events throughout the year to help LLB and JD students explore the careers that are available to law students. We also publish an annual clerkship guide that aims to help students with their clerkship applications.


All our events are available to both LLB and JD students, as our portfolios are combined to provide students with a greater diversity of events and opportunities to build their networks with legal professionals. If you have any questions about our events feel free to contact our Careers Officers:


Check out our new Careers Directory powered by Prosple: In this space you'll be able to look at employment opportunities with our major sponsors as well as reading articles that will help you along your road to graduate employment. 

The Clerkship Journey Map ( was created by two Monash Law Alumni, Renee and Jay, in order to assist students in the complex clerkship application process. The Map aims to assist students in their clerkship applications by giving them the tools and confidence to highlight their unique skills and experience in their cover letters through a reflective process.