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The Moots

Mooting is renown for being the hallmark competition for law students.

Throughout the year, the LSS hosts a variety of mooting competitions, from the grand General Moot and the targeted, precise IHL Moot, to the exclusive First Year Moot.


Two teams of two barristers and a third (optional) solicitor going head to head in addressing a legal problem. The competition tests competitors’ research, speaking and writing skills. It is highly recommended for any and all law students (whether they seek to practice or not), to develop excellent research and analysis skills, useful during and beyond legal studies.

Client Interview

Finesse facts out of clients like the refined interrogator you know yourself to be.

A team of two solicitors interview a client who has approached you with an issue. Tease out as many material facts as you can to develop a case and rake in billable hours. Solicitors develop their attention to detail, teamwork and people skills while clients have the time of their life in an exhilarating test of their acting skills.


Hold your cards close to your heart, employ those aces up your sleeves strategically. Your job is to get your client the best possible deal.

A team of two solicitors are tasked with striking a deal with the opposing team to achieve their client’s desired outcome. This competition is particularly popular as it requires no specific legal knowledge.


The deals competition requires you to step into the shoes of a transactional lawyer and run a takeover from beginning to end. Teams of three will be required to progress through a written memo detailing their initial advice, an oral pitch presentation, contract analysis and finally negotiation.

The exhilarating competition is restricted to students who have completed Contract A & B due to the requisite knowledge.

Witness Examination

Unleash your inner Ace Attorney as you rip into witnesses through examination and cross-examination to convince the jury of your side.

Competitors act as either counsel for the defence or prosecution, with the task of ascertaining facts and highlighting inconsistencies using your analytical and linguistic finesse.


The competition is the perfect opportunity to develop witness questioning and communication skills and experience civil procedure and rules of evidence.




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