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Law competitions are a fantastic way for you to develop your practical legal skills. Whether this is by making oral submissions while performing in one of our many Moots, or working on your soft skills in our Client Interview or Negotiation competitions, taking part in a competition will provide you with many useful skills you can bring into the workforce, and are a great compliment to the knowledge you learn in class.

All of our competitions (with the exception of the Deals competition) have two opening rounds, which every competitor takes part in - with a break to Quarter Finals for the top eight teams afterwards. All of our rounds take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Sign up forms for the competitions will go live shortly before they begin.

We also plan on running workshops for most of our competitions, so make sure you attend those if you’re interested!

The Moots

Two teams of two barristers and an optional third solicitor go head to head in addressing a legal problem. They must conduct research into a particular field, use the facts and case law to create arguments, and then present these arguments in front of a judge. These competitions test competitors’ research, speaking and writing skills, and are highly recommended for any and all law students whether they seek to work in advocacy or not.


General Moot – Round 1 is on 23 March

The General Moot contains both a Senior and Junior Division. The Junior Division is open to all students who haven’t completed Property B, and will involve a problem on an area of law that students learn early on in their degree, such as Criminal law or Contracts law. The Senior Division is more difficult, designed for students nearing the end of their degree, with a problem that can be drawn from any law subject.

The General Moot is one of our most popular competitions and for good reason – it’s a great opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, and put into practice what you learn in class.


First Year Moot – Round 1 is on 3 August

Mooting can seem like an intimidating, difficult experience, especially for students who haven’t competed in one before. That’s why we also run a First Year Moot – designed exclusively for First Year students. The moot problem will be on either Criminal Law or Tort Law – both subjects that students are taught in their first year. The First Year Moot is a great introduction to Mooting (and competitions in general), and is highly recommended for all first years, whether you’re considering a career in advocacy or not.


International Humanitarian Law Moot – Round 1 is on 24 August

This competition is designed for students interested in International Law. This Moot is set in an International Court, often defending or prosecuting people accused of serious offences, including war crimes. While this Moot can be challenging, and requires a large amount of research into International law and precedent, it is a great opportunity for students to learn more about an area of law they may not know much about.

Client Interview

Round One - 20th of April 2020

A team of two solicitors interview a client who has approached you with an issue. However, as in practice, clients won’t always tell you the full story straight away. You must ask questions and tease out as many facts as you can to understand what happened, before giving advice to the client about what they should do next.

Solicitors develop their attention to detail, as well as their teamwork and people skills. Additionally, as many job positions involve interviewing clients, the skills learnt here are directly transferable to work.

This competition requires no specific legal experience, and doesn’t require you to have had previous experience in interviewing clients.


Round One - 6th of May 2020

A team of two solicitors are tasked with striking a deal with the opposing team to achieve their client’s desired outcome. Both teams will negotiate over a number of points, using any bargaining chips they have, before (hopefully) coming to a conclusion that everyone can agree on.

What makes this competition interesting is that while every competitor is given access to the same general facts, both teams are also given a number of secret facts. Maybe your client has things they don’t want the other side to know about, or wants you to aim for a particular outcome. Whatever the case, follow your client’s instructions as best as you can, and don’t let the other team get the upper hand!

This competition is great for improving students’ team working and people skills. It also requires no specific legal experience, and doesn’t require you to have previous experience in negotiation.


Problem Released - 9th of April 2020

Designed for students with an interest in commercial law, the Deals competition requires you to assist your client in merging their corporation with another. However, mergers aren’t allowed in certain situations – for instance, if the merger would substantially reduce competition in a given market. You will need to convince the ACCC that the merger meets all of the relevant requirements.

As part of the competition, teams of three students will be required to write written memos to their clients detailing their initial advice, as well as make oral presentations.

As the only competition that focuses specifically on mergers and corporate takeover, this is a great competition for students interested in this area of law.

The competition is restricted to students who have completed Contract A & B. However, it does not require you to have completed any commercial law units (though they may help!)

Witness Examination

Round One - 9th of September 2020

Unleash your inner Ace Attorney as you tear down witnesses in cross-examination and make objections to convince the jury of your side.

Competitors act as either counsel for the defence or prosecution, and are given the statement of facts of both their own witness as well as the opposing side’s witness. You must work out how you want to present your case, and write questions that best allow you to do so. Are there inconsistencies in what the opposing witness has said? Anything that doesn’t make sense? As both sides have access to the same facts, this competition is all about spinning the narrative in a way that is best for your side.

You’re also able to object to questions asked by opposing Counsel, as well as make an opening and closing statement.

This competition helps improve students’ oral presentation and problem solving skills, and is a great introduction to what witness examination can be like in practice.

While much of this competition touches on Evidence Law, completing Evidence Law is not a prerequisite to competing.

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