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Disability Support Initiatives


The Disability Support Officer is a new role introduced in the LSS in 2022 focused on inclusion and accessibility for all Monash law students. The role provides a point of reference for law students living with disability, chronic illness or other impairments, and will foster a safe and supportive space for these students within the LSS. Allies are invited to join the community. This Portfolio will provide a much-needed voice for law students with a disability, while encouraging them to build student relationships and succeed academically despite the barriers to access these students have faced.


Maggie Shannon and Zara Nazikian will be stepping into the role of Disability Support Officer for 2024. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Undergraduate Disability Support Officer, Jasmine, or the Postgraduate Disability Support Officer, Amelia, on

Join the Monash Law Disability Support Facebook page here


Morning Tea and Chats


This relaxed morning tea, held on the morning of Tuesday 5 April, is intended to bring together law students that identify as having a disability, chronic illness or other impairment and allies to make connections and support systems with individuals in similar circumstances.  


Disability in the Law Panel and Networking Night 


The inaugural panel night will focus on the experiences of legal professionals living with disabilities, chronic illnesses or other impairments. Held on August 22 this year, the panel will cover the challenges they have faced, and how they have continued to thrive and succeed in the demanding legal environment. This year the panel will be enhanced by the addition of a networking opportunity toward the end of the night, to enable students to ask more personal questions to the panellists.

Image Descriptions

Image descriptions are simply detailed descriptions of a given image that conveys the same or equivalent information a sighted reader would get when they view a picture, to someone living with a visual impairment. To ensure the Monash Law Students Society is a more accessible space for all, the LSS has introduced image descriptions to all posts and publications.


In order to provide guidance and clarity as to when an image description is required, the amount of detail to be provided and language to be used, this Image Descriptions Guide has been developed. For a brief overview of image descriptions, please refer to the LSS ‘How To’ Guide.

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