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Educational Seminars

First Year Crash Course

The First Year Crash Course is designed for incoming law students in their first semester, helping you to become quickly informed about the structures and process of law school. It involves a summary of how to thrive at law school, including note-taking and case reading strategies, useful resources to support learning in your degree, advice for first semester law units and general advice for research assignments, class tests and exams. Suffice to say, it’s a seminar not to miss!

Exams Skills Seminar

There’s nothing like finishing your last year 12 exam. Unfortunately, being introduced to university exams a mere half-year later is a merciless transition. Our Exams Skills Seminar provides the ultimate tool kit for understanding exactly what uni exams are about. Run by practised, high achieving students, it is a must if you want to enter your exams feeling boss.

Legal Research Skills Seminar

Have you undertaken legal research before and attended faculty-run research skills seminars but are looking for something more? Our Legal Research Skills Seminar is for you! This seminar is an extension of the legal research skills already taught and provides you with legal research skills you can use in a Monash Professional Practice context or later in your career. The seminar includes:

  • How to use legal databases to research a particular area of law;

  • How to use legal databases to find cases that relate to a particular area of law or set of circumstances by using targeted keyword searches and relevant databases; and

  • How to effectively use databases to locate relevant journal articles.

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