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First Year Activities

First Year Camp

Our annual First Year Camp makes an exciting return in 2024 with a fabulous weekend planned in Gippsland. We’re so excited to be hosting a jam-packed camp, complete with games, activities, music, sports (where you can exercise your competitive streak) and more! This is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet new people in the Law cohort, create new friendships, and have some fun before you start the grind of a Law degree!

This event is 18+ and will run on the weekend between O-Week and the start of uni. More information will be released soon on the First Year Undergraduates 2024 Facebook page, so stay tuned!

First Year Dinner

First Year Dinner is an LSS staple, and provides you with an opportunity to dress up for a night out in the heart of Melbourne with new friends from Monash Law. Get ready for a quality meal and quality chats with the other first years. And after an elegant evening, get ready to have a dance!

Peer Mentor Program

Whether you’re coming from Year 12 or transferring into Monash Law, the transition into law school can be a tricky one. (We’ve all felt the pressure!) The LSS Peer Mentor Program (PMP) is here to kick-start your law school journey and help you out along the way! For more than 15 years, the PMP has been responsible for facilitating the efficient transition of first year students by fostering positive social relationships, and we look forward to continuing to do so in 2024.
With every first-year law student allocated to a mentoring group, you will be part of a group with approximately 10 fellow first-years and two mentors who study Law at Monash - mentors who’ve been i
n the very same position you’re in now. Your mentors will be there to guide you through your first year of Law. All mentors are enthusiastic students who’ve had their own personal experiences at university that will allow them to answer any questions you may have - whether they relate to study skills to ace your exams, making the most of campus life, maintaining a balanced lifestyle during semester, or any other uni-related questions you might come across during your first year. Most importantly, they have all been in your shoes within these past few years and want to help in any way possible!
In the lead up to Week 1, as well as during your first semester, the LSS PMP will be running events where you can meet and spend time with your mentors and fellow mentees, make friends, have fun, and prepare you for the exciting road that awaits you! 
Make sure you keep an eye on your inbox for information on meeting your group, and join the Monash Law First Years 2024 Undergraduates Facebook group to stay in touch with your fellow first years!

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