First Year Activities

First Year Law Camp

The most highly anticipated First Year event of the year, Law Camp allows First Year Law students to spend three days and two nights bonding through activities and games in a beautiful Gippsland location. The days will be filled with fun and engaging activities, whilst the nights will entail some incredible themed parties!

You will sleep in organised cabins with your brand new friends and will be guided and mentored by older students.


This is the perfect opportunity to meet some new people and forge friendships that will last your entire degree.

First Year Dinner

First Year Dinner  is a mini version of Law Ball, held just for First Year students! Dress up with your new friends, enjoy a three course meal followed by dancing and music from one of Melbourne’s best DJs at an awesome venue in the CBD!

Peer Mentor Program

The transition into university and into law can be a difficult one. We have allllll been there. However, the Law Peer Mentor Program (PMP) is here to kick-start your law school journey and help you along the way! For more than a decade, the PMP has been responsible for facilitating the efficient transition of first year students by fostering positive social relationships, and we look forward to continuing to do so in 2021.


2021 will be the first year ever that will see every single first-year law student allocated to a mentoring group! This means that every new student will be allocated to a group of approximately 10 first year students, and assigned two students who will be in the second year or above of their law degree. Your mentors will be there to guide you through your first year of law. All of the mentors are enthusiastic students who are equipped to answer any questions you may have, whether they relate to study skills, campus life or exam prep, or any other uni-related issues you may come across in your personal and professional lives during your first year at university. Most importantly, they have been in your shoes within the past few years, know the position you are in and are here because they want to help! They will also be present at all events that we have planned to make your first year journey more enjoyable, especially in your first few weeks.


In the lead up to, as well as during your first semester, the PMP will provide you with numerous chances to meet and spend time with your mentors and fellow mentees, make friends, have fun, and gain insight into the exciting road that stands before you.

Below are several resources which may be useful to help develop some important study skills for your law degree and beyond.