Academic Support Officer

The Academic Support Officer (ASO) is responsible for liaising with Faculty regarding students’ feedback on all things academic. Issues with assessments, grievances with staff and timetabling are common. The ASO is a student representative on the Faculty Education Committee which is below the Dean as the main decision-making body. 


If you have any enquiries or require support please email

Tutor Database

If you’re in need of a helping hand, or maybe you wish to impart some of your legal wisdom as a tutor - the LSS Tutor Database is for you. 

If you have any enquiries or wish to be added to the database please email

Access the 2020 tutor database here.

Law Guide

Your one-stop shop for all things law - this is the Monash Law Students’ Society’s annual magazine, a guide to studying and surviving law, as well as a round up of some of the pathways available to you upon the completion of your studies.  With tips from older students and esteemed alumni, there’s nothing the Law Guide fails to offer! 

Access the new 2020 Law Guide here!

Being Guide

Law is synonymous with high stress levels and poor health, but it doesn’t have to be. The Being Guide is here to provide helpful tips and tricks on maintaining your physical, social and mental health! With healthy recipes, exercise routines, tried and tested methods of managing stress and procrastination, do yourself a favour and pick up a copy! You can access the 2020 Being Guide here.

The Health and Wellbeing seminar can also be viewed here.

Electives Guide

If you’ve ever struggled with choosing which units to fill up the precious elective space you have, look no further than the Electives Guide for advice from older students who have completed the unit, as to essential pre-requisites, recommended co-requisites, and advice as to difficulty level and time commitment.

To access the electives guide click here!

First Year Crash Course

It’s an inescapable truth that your knickers will be in a severe knot as a first year law student. However, the LSS is on your side. Our First Year Crash Course is run by wisdomous HD students who provide guideance with navigating first year law. It is designed to give you the reassurance and confidence you need to achieve greatness. 

The First Year Crash Course can be found here.

LSS Tutes

The LSS Student Tutorials Program is run all throughout semester and is in high demand. Our highly distinguished students provide a weekly tutorial to reinforce the course work you struggle with to alleviate those nasty law school freak-outs. There’s nothing like an LSS tutorial to make you feel more at ease with your work load and the infamously complex content. LSS tutorials will be run online this semester and can be found here.

Exam Revision Seminars

The LSS Exam Reivion Seminars are a gift to all law students. Our tutors provide exam guidance and preparation for your law subjects, having already aced the subject themselves. What better way to feel prepared for your exams is there, if not an intensive 90 minute exam revision seminar run by a law legend? Feel the HD, be the HD.

Exam Skills Seminar

There’s nothing like finishing your last year 12 exam. Unfortunately, being introduced to University exams a mere half-year later is a merciless transition. The LSS Exams Skills Seminar provides the ultimate tool kit for understanding exactly what Uni exams are about. Run by practiced, high achieving students, it is a must if you want to enter your exams feeling boss.



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