International Students


Monash Law Students’ Society International Students Officer will look after all the international students and make you feel at home. Please don’t hesitate to email Farsai (interofficer@monashlss.com) if you are seeking any help or advice. We will also arrange the following activities to help you have the best possible time while studying here away from home!

International Student Luncheon

Free lunches are organised for international students at the start of each semester. All international students are welcome to drop in, grab a piece of pizza, and make some new friends. You can exchange your experiences as international students with each other, seek advice for your life/academic career in Australia, or just take some time out, away from the demands of your law studies to chat and relax with peers.

International Student Speed-Friending

Modeled on the Zoom speed-friending sessions run during COVID-19 lockdowns, these speed-friending sessions, which we hope will be in-person, are a great way to engage with fellow international students and domestic students alike! Whether you are in your first year or fourth, come along to take some time away from your studies, unwind and meet new friends over some fun games and free snacks.

Plain Legal Writing Seminar

Writing in correct legal language is one of the first and foremost challenges for any law student and especially for any international students who may need extra assistance with English expressions. It is an essential skill while students are completing assignments, as well as drafting scripts for competitions as part of your law degree. Hence the Monash LSS provides plain legal writing seminars tailored specifically towards the particular needs of international students to assist them in achieving a better performance during their time at the law school. Please come along to our seminar and start speaking and writing like a professional lawyer from the first day!

A recording of the 2021 Seminar can be located here.

Know Your Rights Seminar

If you’re working or renting, sometimes you might feel as though you don’t quite know all of your rights and obligations surrounding these arrangements. The Know Your Rights Seminar is here to help alleviate some of your concerns! Run by experienced legal practitioners in collaboration with MUISS, this seminar is open to both international and domestic students and discusses employment and tenancy rights.

International Student Features Panel

For the first time in 2022, we will run, in collaboration with the Monash LSS Careers portfolio, an inspiring panel event to discuss career opportunities for international law students studying at Monash. You will have the opportunity to hear from speakers with an array of different experiences who will extrapolate on their international university and career trajectories, and ask questions about studying overseas and pursuing a career in law as an international student.

MSA Service for International Students

In addition to the services provided by the Monash LSS, Monash Student Association also provides international students with access to events and services that will make you feel at home, both on and off campus. Academic grammar videos and workshops will help you improve your academic writing. The Career Connect and ‘Let’s chat’ program would provide the greatest assistance in settling into a new country. Find out more here.