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International Students


Prior to starting university, my seniors left me with a piece of advice - “Life is what you make it to be.” Their words of advice laid the very foundation of how I eventually architected my first year of university to be. At Monash LSS, we care for our international students. I am Sarah Tok and I have been elected to be the Monash LSS’ International Students Officer. As part of the community, I hope to create a home away from home for everyone. In 2023, the LSS has planned multiple activities to help create fruitful experiences and memories together with you. Please feel free to email Sarah ( if you are seeking any help or advice, she is a text or email away. 

Philip Island Road Trip

We’re going on a trip to Phillip Island! With the Covid-19 Pandemic subsiding, the LSS is more than happy to welcome this initiative back on the move. International students are encouraged to sign up for the Phillip Island Road Trip taking place in Semester 2. Students get the chance to tick off their wishlist of going on a road trip in Melbourne with their friends. From listening to road trip music on our way there to watching the Penguin Parade, this once in a lifetime opportunity is not to be missed!

International Graduates Panel

For the first time in 2023, we will run a panel on zoom, inviting graduates from Monash Law School to share about their career / clerkship tips and their transition from law school to their careers. This event will be useful because it allows law students to consider various pathways that they can head on towards after law school, not just solely in the law industry because their law degree can take them to places - be it in banking,  being a legal counsel for a firm and many more. You will have the opportunity to hear from speakers with an array of different experiences who will extrapolate on their international university and career trajectories and ask questions about pursuing a career in law in Melbourne or overseas. 

International Students Luncheon

At the start of semester one, international students get to enjoy free lunches. All international students are welcome to hop by and grab a piece of pizza, milk tea etc. What better way to make new friends, exchange experiences as international students, seek advice for life, academic or career from each other or simply take some time out away from the demands of university and to relax with friends. 

International Students' Dinner

We hear you! Due to differences in schedule and timetable, it may be difficult for students to find a time to meet up. With this consideration in mind, we have planned a dinner for students to catch up, get to know each other better during dinner. We have arranged for dinner in semester one, one in the city and one at Chaddys! 

Plain Legal Writing Seminar

Writing in the correct legal language is one of the first and foremost challenges for any law student. It is an essential skill for students when it comes to working on assignments or drafting scripts for competitions as part of your law degree. Hence, the Monash LSS offers plain legal writing seminars that are tailored specifically to the needs of international students to assist them in achieving a better performance during their time at the law school. This helps in laying the foundation of your legal studies and legal career, so do come along to our seminar!

A recording of the 2021 Seminar can be located here.

MSA Service for International Students

In addition to the services provided by the Monash LSS, Monash Student Association also provides international students with access to events and services that will make you feel at home, both on and off campus. Academic grammar videos and workshops will help you improve your academic writing. The Career Connect and ‘Let’s chat’ program would provide the greatest assistance in settling into a new country. Find out more here.

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