JD Competitions



The 2021 JD Competitions team is proud to be offering a number of fantastic opportunities for JD students which aim at expanding their legal knowledge and skills beyond the classroom. This year we are proud to introduce two new Competitions in addition to the Negotiations, JD Moot and Client Interview Competitions. The Legal Hackathon and the Women’s Moot (in collaboration with the LLB) are two initiatives which allow students to put on display their innovation and advocacy skills.


All of our Competitions, with the exception of the Legal Hackathon, consist of 2 preliminary rounds, a Semi-Final and a Grand Final. The JD Competitions Portfolio additionally offers a Workshop for all competitors prior to the commencement of every Competition. The Workshops feature guest speakers who offer advice and provide support to students. Attending the Workshops gives competitors the opportunity to ask questions to legal professionals and past winners on how to succeed in Competitions. To view the winners of our competitions in previous years please visit here. 

Further, to recognise the achievements of those individuals that have won our competitions please view a full list here.


For more information or support, please contact Ashley on jd.competitions@monashlss.com or Samuel and Lachlan on jd.compsofficers@monashlss.com

Negotiation Competition  


Dispute resolution and negotiation sit at the core of all lawyers and this Competition provides a unique opportunity for students to expand their advocacy, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The Competition is designed to imitate a real-life negotiation with two teams of solicitors representing hypothetical clients requiring them to strike a deal by negotiating an outcome which is in the best interests of all parties.


Both teams are given the same set of general facts with a few tweaks unique to their own client. The competitors are not required to have any prior legal knowledge or negotiation experience. Students are encouraged to think of alternative solutions and quickly adapt to evolving discussions while keeping their clients’ interests at the forefront of the negotiation. Collaboration and effective communication amongst the team of solicitors is the key to success in this Competition.




Workshop -19 January 2021

Round 1 (All Teams) - 25 January 2021

Round 2  (All Teams) - 28 January 2021

Semi-Final - 1 February 2021

Grand Final - 3 February 2021

Moot Competition


The JD Mooting Competition replicates the court experience by providing an invaluable opportunity to practice legal research and advocacy skills. This Competition promises to be one of the most formative experiences in Law School and is not to be missed. Teams are comprised of both Senior and Junior Counsel and an optional assisting solicitor.


The Competition requires participants to invest a substantial amount of time in both planning and execution, however, the additional time and effort is an investment in invaluable feedback from an experienced bench of judges and professional litigators. Competitors who reach the Grand Final round will also have the unique and exhilarating opportunity to present their arguments in the Federal Court.



Workshop - 10 May 2021

Round 1 (All Teams) - 17 May 2021

Round 2  (All Teams) - 19 May 2021

Semi-Final - 24 May 2021

Grand Final - 26 May 2021

Legal Hackathon


The Legal Hackathon is running for the first time in 2021 with the aim of bridging the gap between legal services and technology. Working with emerging technologies and software is now more important than ever in the legal field as it improves the accessibility and effectiveness of legal services.


Open to both LLB and JD students, this Competition features a theme requiring competitors to design an innovative solution to improve issues experienced by the legal sector. Students will work together in small teams to find a common solution for a problem that the legal sector is facing. This Competition encourages students to cultivate their innovative spirit, practice their advocacy and research skills as well as use their creativity to resolve an important issue. The Legal Hackathon will also be a stepping stone for students who are interested in the intersection between the law and technology and those who wish to work in the Technology Media & Telecommunications sector.


Competitors will pitch their ideas to a panel of experts in the sphere of technology, innovation and law. Each team will have approximately 15 minutes to present their innovative solution to a panel of presiding judges.




Workshop - 12 May 2021

Preliminary Round - 3 June 2021

Presentation Day - 29 June 2021

Women’s Moot

The Inaugural Women’s Moot Competition is a joint initiative between the Competitions and Social Justice & Equity Portfolios. The Competition aims to provide female-identifying and non-binary students with the opportunity to develop their advocacy skills and network with female legal professionals. The Women’s Moot aims to increase students’ perception of the accessibility of pursuing a career at the Bar, which remains heavily male-dominated. Requiring both written and oral submissions, this Competition will provide a platform for aspiring female barristers to practice their legal research and advocacy skills.


Competitors are paired into teams of two or three that are comprised of two barristers and an optional instructing solicitor. The barristers (Senior and Junior Counsel) are given 40 minutes to make oral submissions on a controversial legal scenario to the Judges. The Women’s Moot will use one problem throughout the whole Competition, encouraging students to focus on advancing their advocacy skills.



Workshop - 18 August 2021

Round 1 (All Teams) - 23 August 2021

Round 2  (All Teams) - 25 August 2021

Semi-Final - 30 August 2021

Grand Final - 1 September 2021

Client Interview


Replicating a real-life client interview setting, this Competition provides the perfect opportunity for students to practice interviewing clients which is an essential skill in the legal sector. Through interviewing their client, a team of solicitors has to quickly identify the relevant issues and extract the necessary facts that will aid them in giving appropriate legal advice to their client.


The competitors are not required to have any previous legal knowledge or experience in interviewing clients. This Competition enhances students’ advocacy, organisation and communication skills as well as requires competitors to understand the client’s situation. Attention to detail and collaboration are a necessity for excelling in this Competition.



Workshop - 27 August 2021

Round 1 (All Teams) - 2 September 2021

Round 2 (All Teams) - 8 September 2021

Semi-Final - 9 September 2021

Grand Final - 23 September 2021

JD v LLB Day 


Each year, finalists from the previous year’s competitions come together to compete in a friendly JD vs LLB showcase. The day provides an excellent opportunity for students from both courses to display the skills they have developed. The showcase is open to spectators from both courses to observe and gain insight prior to the remaining competitions for the year. In 2021, this competition will be running on the 3rd of March. Please email competitions@monashlss.com for more information.