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Other SJE Initiatives

SJE Award

The LSS is pleased to continue the Social Justice & Equity Award in 2021. This is a

unique and exciting opportunity for students immerse themselves in volunteer work,

social activism, coordinate charity events and launch various social justice initiatives.

Students are encouraged to apply to be eligible for consideration. Applicants will be

judged by merit, and on the value of the work they are contributing to the social

justice and legal space.


​The winning applicant will receive a $500 contribution towards their social justice

initiative, or a cause of their choice, in recognition of the work they are doing in this


Applications open: Tuesday 25th of August

Applications close: Tuesday 1st of September


For any queries, please contact Eva at

SJE Grants

A central focus of the portfolio is ensuring that students who face special barriers due to their background or circumstances are supported. As well as running events and programs for women and queer-identifying students, we also seek to support those facing financial hardship by offering the following grants for eligible students.

Please keep up to date with the LSS Facebook page and the LSS newsletter for more information on SJE Grants.

Each year, the Monash Law Students' Society, in partnership with the Faculty of Law and the Monash Bookstore, provides textbook equity grants to undergraduate and postgraduate students who need financial assistance to purchase their law textbooks.


The LSS would like to acknowledge the generous contributions from the Faculty of Law and Monash Retail Bookstore and Merchandise Store.  This joint grant scheme shows the commitment that we each have to providing financial support to students facing hardship, so that they can access resources necessary for their law degrees.

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