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Law competitions are a fantastic way for you to develop your practical legal skills. Whether this is by making oral submissions while performing in one of our many Moots, or working on your soft skills in our Client Interview or Negotiation competitions, taking part in a competition will provide you with many useful skills you can bring into the workforce.

There are many competitions available for all law students, whether experienced or inexperienced in public speaking, and for those who have varying interests. Competitions include our General Moots (Junior and Senior Divisions), the First Year Moot, the International Humanitarian Moot, Witness Examination, Client Interview, and Negotiations competitions. In particular, we recommend that you all get involved in the First Year Moot, in which you get to practise your skills among other first year students with a scenario which is specifically tailored to the knowledge and experience of first years!


All of our competitions have two opening rounds, in which every competitor takes part. The top eight teams then move to the Quarter Finals, followed by Semis and the Grand Final. All of our rounds take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Sign up forms for the competitions will go live shortly before they begin. We will be running workshops for most of our competitions, so make sure you attend those if you’re interested!

We are also always keen to welcome new judges to assist us in running the competitions! 

Please direct any general questions to our competition officers at and any questions regarding judging to our judge liaison at

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