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PG Competitions



The 2023 PG Competitions team is proud to be offering a number of fantastic opportunities for PG students which aim at expanding their legal knowledge and skills beyond the classroom. This year we are proud to introduce a new Competitions in addition to the Negotiations, PG Moot and Client Interview Competitions, the Legal Hackathon and the Women’s Moot (in collaboration with the LLB), the Witness Examination (in collaboration with the LLB) which is an initiative to allow students to put on display their advocacy and examination skills. 
All of our Competitions, with the exception of the Legal Hackathon, consist of 2 preliminary rounds, a Semi-Final and a Grand Final. The PG Competitions Portfolio additionally offers a Workshop for all competitors prior to the commencement of every Competition. The Workshops feature guest speakers who offer advice and provide support to students. Attending the Workshops gives competitors the opportunity to ask questions to legal professionals and past winners on how to succeed in Competitions. To view the winners of our competitions in previous years please visit here. 

Further, to recognise the achievements of those individuals that have won our competitions please view a full list here.
For more information or support, please contact Jonas on or Sheena and Rhiannon on

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Negotiation Competition

Dispute resolution and negotiation sit at the core of all lawyers and this Competition provides a unique opportunity for students to expand their advocacy, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The Competition is designed to imitate a real-life negotiation with two teams of solicitors representing hypothetical clients requiring them to strike a deal by negotiating an outcome which is in the best interests of all parties.

Both teams are given the same set of general facts with a few tweaks unique to their own client. The competitors are not required to have any prior legal knowledge or negotiation experience. Students are encouraged to think of alternative solutions and quickly adapt to evolving discussions while keeping their clients’ interests at the forefront of the negotiation. Collaboration and effective communication amongst the team of solicitors is the key to success in this Competition.


Workshop - 22 February 2023

Round 1 (All Teams) - 27 February 2023

Round 2 (All Teams) - 1 March 2023

Semi-Final - 6 March 2023

Grand-Final - 15 March 2023

Winner of 2022 PG Negotiations - Kim Fernandes-Kemp and Alexandra Pantelis

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