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The Postgraduate Monash Law Students’ Society (LSS) supports students and hosts events, competitions and career information sessions. We represent and advocate on behalf of students and provide support to take the next step beyond law studies.


To learn more about the Postgraduate LSS contact or visit our office next to the main kitchen. Timings will be posted on our Facebook page. 


The JD Guide is an annual publication produced by the JD LSS to introduce incoming and current students to the JD and the opportunities available to students as members of the LSS. Be sure also to check out Non Sequitur, our new publication celebrating the diversity of the postgraduate law student body by publishing student work. Both publications are available online and in print.


Finally, all our Postgraduate members receive a monthly newsletter which outlines the key events for the upcoming month.


For any question or inquires, please contact out JD Director, Natalia Zivcic, on

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