Queer Events


The LSS Queer Portfolio seeks to create a space that welcomes and celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and intersectionality. It fosters a culture that embraces all identities and sexual/romantic orientations within the LGBTQIA+ community. We warmly encourage our allies to grow with us. Join us in continuing to build and enjoy a queer-friendly and discrimination-free campus. We look forward to providing students with a platform to discuss queer issues in law school and the legal profession, and build their peer relationships.  


In 2021, Ambra Soci will be your first female Queer Officer. If you have any questions or queries regarding the Women’s Portfolio and would like to get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact the Queer Officer, Ambra on queer.

Events & Resources

Careers Guide

Not sure what lies ahead? Our new 2021 careers guide for LGBTQIA+ law students can be accessed here.

Health & Wellbeing

Monash’s LSS recognises that students who are queer and gender-diverse may face unique challenges from their cisgender and heterosexual peers. To tackle these increased risk factors, the Queer Portfolio will work closely with Geena Lee, the Health & Wellbeing Officer, as well as Monash’s Student Suppport Services in 2021. Please contact any of these Officers or services if you are struggling, so that you can be better supported. We also recommend engaging with queer-specific spaces on campus and other queer Monash clubs.

Queer Mentoring Program

As a Group of Eight university, the Queer and Women’s Offices are excited to expand our program to offer mentoring all Monash Law students. Under this umbrella, students can apply to the queer stream to be paired with a queer legal professional. This will allow students to foster a mutually beneficial relationship in which insight, experiences and guidance can be shared. The program boasts a large variety of practice areas from which students can select.


Our aim is to ensure that students become equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to overcome the barriers and challenges they may face as a queer person. It is our hope that queer students will form long-lasting and mutually beneficial mentoring relationships with queer and/or female mentors. From the personal to the professional, we encourage students to ask questions, create networks, and build resilience.

Queer in the Law Panel & Queer Networking Night

This event blends together the best parts of education and socialising. The first half of the evening will be dedicated to providing students with a select panel of queer legal professionals. Students will be able to ask questions to the panelists. The night will then transition to a larger venue with students from other universities to facilitate networking.

Queer Mixer

The perfect break from the magistraight and the social highlight of our calendar. A fun and informal gathering, students will be able to socialise with their queer peers from other universities.

Queer Keynote

Students attending the Keynote will be addressed by notable members of the queer community on relevant issues in the law. There will also be time for brief questions at the end.

That's Queersay! Publication

2021 will see the launch of a new and exclusive online publication featuring interviews with a comprehensive collection of queer and gender-diverse legal professionals. The publication will be launched at the beginning of each month for twelve months, beginning March 2021. Each edition will be themed in accordance with national/global LGBTQIA+ dedication dates and other relevant events. That’s Queersay! will offer queer students a unique insight into the experiences and reflections of these professionals. It will also provide allies with an intimate immersion into the community and an opportunity to better understand the important role of allyship and how to perform it well. 


There will be collaborations with other portfolios within the LSS, with other students societies at Monash, and with other universities and organisations. In the spirit of our other events, it is our aim to expose students to the rainbow of professions and specialisations to which a law degree can lead you.