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The LSS Queer portfolio aims at creating a friendly, inclusive and discrimination free environment for queer law students. Through keynote speakers, networking events and panel interviews this queer portfolio aims to engage with the wider legal world on contemporary issues of social justice pertaining to queer identifying individuals. University should be a safe space for students to express themselves and this portfolio is here to provide guidance and support to LGBTQIA+ law students through fostering a positive, welcoming and social community.

LGBTIQ+ and Women’s Mentoring Program

This program pairs groups of students with a legal professional who identifies as female and/or queer (be that a lawyer, judge etc.) to guide the students and to improve their professional network. The program will enable students to learn from mentors who have challenged entrenched power structures with grit, determination and skill. Although targeted at students who identify as female and/or queer, this program is not limited to these demographics so we invite everyone to apply!

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