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Special General Meeting

Information for Upcoming SGM

The Monash Law Students' Society (LSS) will be running our first Special General Meeting (SGM) of 2023 on Wednesday 3 May at 1PM. The purpose of this meeting will be to pass a special resolution, as outlined below.


The proposed special resolution, outlined briefly, is as follows:
***That the Constitution of the Monash Law Students’ Society be amended to merge the LLB Social Justice & Equity and Postgraduate Social Justice & Equity portfolios into a singular LSS Social Justice & Equity portfolio.


More information can be found in the below documents, which include the following:

  • Notices of Special Resolution

  • Monash LSS Proposed Rules of Association 

  • SGM Proxy Form

We look forward to seeing you there!

Zoom Invitation

Topic: LSS SGM

Time: 3 May 2023 1:00PM


Meeting ID: 825 3866 3481

Passcode: 116932


When entering the call, please change your display name so that it includes your membership number in the following format: 


*FirstName LastName* - *MemberID*

We need to ensure that we have a record of which members attended so that we can meet quorum requirements. You can find your Member ID on the QPay app. Please note you must have been a member for 14 days in order to vote in this SGM. You will have received an email with further details regarding this SGM if you are already an LSS member, or will receive such information upon purchase of an LSS membership.


SGM Documents

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