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SJE Publications


SJE Publications


The SJE guide is an insightful and effective compilation of volunteer and career opportunities within the social justice and equity landscape. The guide includes opportunities at Monash and in the community, both locally and internationally. 


You are welcome to download a copy of the 2021 Guide below, and kick start your journey towards driving social change. The 2022 Guide Launch will take place on 17 March - featuring guest speakers who will provide invaluable advice regarding their experience in combining their law degree with their will to progress.

Please direct any general inquiries to Vivian at

The Reasonable Observer

The Reasonable Observer Blog is an online space focused on social justice and equity issues, and is the perfect way to keep up to date with legal commentary and current affairs. Our aim is to start an informative discussion about topical legal issues, with featured pieces including legal case notes, opinion pieces and snapshots on diverse areas of the law - all written by fellow monash students. Publications also include spotlights and interviews with individuals working professionally in a social justice setting, such as Luke Geary (founder of Salvos Legal).

If you would like to contribute to the blog, or have any ideas to share, please contact Vivian at

SJE Guide

The Social Justice and Equity Guide is the one-stop-shop for volunteering and internship opportunities in social justice. The Guide contains opportunities across a number of different fields - including Community Legal Centres and opportunities in particular interest areas, as well as experiences available at Monash.

You can access the Guide here.

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