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SJE Publications


SJE Publications


The SJE guide, your go-to resource for navigating volunteer and career prospects in the ever-evolving landscape of social justice and equity. This comprehensive guide not only showcases opportunities both within Monash and in the broader community but also extends its reach to global possibilities.
You are welcome to download the digital copies of the 2021, 2022 and 2023 Guides below, and embark on your journey of catalysing social change by leveraging the insights and opportunities presented in this valuable resource.
The 2024 Guide Launch will take place on 5 March, featuring esteemed guest speakers who will share invaluable advice derived from their personal journeys of integrating a law degree with a commitment to advancing social progress.
For any inquiries or additional information, reach out to Georgia at

The Reasonable Observer

The Reasonable Observer Blog serves as an online platform focused on social justice and equity issues, and is the perfect resource for staying informed about legal commentary and current affairs. Our primary objective is to initiate informed discussions on relevant legal topics, featuring contributions such as legal case notes, opinion pieces, and insights across diverse legal domains. Authored exclusively by fellow Monash students, our publications also include illuminating spotlights and interviews with notable professionals in the social justice sphere, including figures like Luke Geary, the esteemed founder of Salvos Legal.
For those interested in contributing to the blog or sharing innovative ideas, please connect with Georgia at

SJE Guide

The Social Justice and Equity Guide is the one-stop-shop for volunteering and internship opportunities in social justice. It contains opportunities across various fields, including Community Legal Centres and specific interest areas, alongside experiences within the Monash community.
Explore the Guides:
2021 Guide
2022 Guide
2023 Guide

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