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Witness Examination

Witness Examination

Unleash your inner Ace Attorney as you tear down witnesses in cross-examination and make objections to convince the jury of your side.

Competitors act as either counsel for the defence or prosecution, and are given the statement of facts of both their own witness as well as the opposing side’s witness. You must work out how you want to present your case, and write questions that best allow you to do so. Are there inconsistencies in what the opposing witness has said? Anything that doesn’t make sense? As both sides have access to the same facts, this competition is all about spinning the narrative in a way that is best for your side.

You’re also able to object to questions asked by opposing Counsel, as well as make an opening and closing statement.

This competition helps improve students’ oral presentation and problem solving skills, and is a great introduction to what witness examination can be like in practice.

While much of this competition touches on Evidence Law, completing Evidence Law is not a prerequisite to competing.

The competitors guide can be found here

The latest workshop can also be viewed here.

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