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Ethical Sponsorship Statement


The Monash LSS is passionate about making a difference to both our Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor students during their time at Law School. We provide a variety of services that enrich development with diversity and inclusion, social justice, professional engagement, and a mental health focus at the core of our work. We advocate on behalf of Monash Law students and value our ability to drive positive change within the broader legal profession. Therefore, we believe it is important that our sponsors reflect these same values. Accordingly, we have maintained an ethical sponsorship policy in collaboration with the Law Student Societies of Victoria in 2022. We address the following four points as the ones that law students are most concerned and passionate about:

  • Adherence to Law Institute of Victoria (‘LIV’) Clerkship & Traineeship Guidelines;

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing;

  • Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession; and

  • Diversity within the Legal Profession.

This initiative is one that aligns with our values and one that we are eager to continue throughout the coming years.

Each firm’s internal policy on these focal points can be viewed here.

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