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Election Event Links

2023 Election Event Links


Please see the following campaign event pages for the 2023/24 LSS Elections. Candidates are listed in no particular order.

LLB Administration
Admin (Taylor's Version) -
The Ad
da-mins Family - 

Independent (Marketing Officer) Caitlin Seal -

LLB Careers

Barbie CareerHouse -

Independent (Careers Officer) Huong-Thu Luong - 


LLB Activities

Paranormal Activities -

Your McLovin FYOs - 

Independent (Activities Coordinator) Emily Wu - 

Independent (Activities Coordinator) Menelaos Kalliakoudis - 

Barbivities - 

Bananas in Chambers - 

Independent (Peer Mentor Coordinator) Khoa Tran -

LLB Education
he Magic Law School Bus -

Independent (Academic Support Officer) Muskaan Bal -

LLB Social Justice & Equity
High Equity Kenergy - 
Justice is Served -
Independent (POC Officer) Esha Serai -


PG Education

Independent (International Student Officer) Rhiannon Ong-Halleron -

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