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The Reasonable Observer is an online space focused on social justice & equity issues launched by the Monash Law Students' Society. Founded in 2017, The Reasonable Observer encourages submissions from students (whether studying Law or otherwise) who are passionate and enthusiastic about driving social change.

The Reasonable Observer features the following pieces:



The Reasonable Observer presents readable, unbiased and informative legal commentary on various issues impacting on the social justice and equity landscape. We invite you to submit any articles or legal commentary that you think would further advance a conversation with regards to these issues.



There is no better way to learn more about Victoria, and by extension, Australia’s current climate towards social change, than by pioneers for justice themselves. Their success has paved the way for many to come, and has no doubt had a remarkable impact on the lives of many. Read about legal professionals experience and their efforts towards various issues.

Creative Writing

As well as submitting legal commentary and articles, we now invite you to explore and reflect on legal issues creatively. Read submissions detailing social justice and equity issues in a creative light, and assisting in furthering your knowledge, perspective, and view towards current affairs.


Law school comes with a high-pressure environment given the expectations and competitiveness that are often involved. Studies demonstrate that law students and lawyers face a higher risk when it comes to facing issues with their mental wellbeing. Feel free to use this page to find resources to help you manage a positive work-life balance on your way to success, and pioneering change.

We note that our focus is on publishing legal case notes, opinion pieces as well as snapshots on particular areas of the law. Whilst we aim to publish diverse opinions, this is not always possible. Any opinions expressed on this space are those of the relevant contributors and are not necessarily shared by the Monash Law Students' Society. We aim to give students a voice to express their views freely, in the absence of any hateful views. 

If you are interested in submitting a piece to us, please contact our editor, Vivian Lai-Tran, via email at

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